Into the Community - FULL KIT

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The perfect combination of Learning and Entertainment. Stop reading books anymore, but help them play the book- the intriguing, exciting, and engaging way to explore the world. 
Follow the stories about the community and do interactive activities using the markers.
Through various stories and interactive educational activities, readers can discover 5 different interesting facts about the places and people in the community.
  • PLAY THE BOOK! Kids genuinely love it- engaging & fun.
  • Entertainment & Learning at the same time.
  • What's In the Box: "Into the Community" Book series, Spotty(a camera-embedded smart tablet holder), interactive characters, coloring pages.
  • FREE ARpedia App for Apple and Android Devices, including tablets and phones. 

Since 1980, we think big... Indeed thinking 10 Years Ahead for Children's Education. ARpedia is a game changer, making learning experience fun and engaged. With ARpedia, yet we are opening up a new chapter for them, again.

Solution 01

Into the Community!

Meet a wide range of serice workers and jobs! It's like tens of job shadowing in minutes.

Solution 02

Easy Setup

ARpedia digital content is designed to supplement book contents, providing additional information and interactive experiments for kids.

Solution 03

Engaging, Fun

Engage directly with the material through on-screen animations as well as interactive cards called paper markers. With these paper markers, kids can actively participate in experiments. Kids will achieve a deeper understanding of complex STEM topics through engaging exploration and fun first-hand interactions.

Make homeschooling or babysitting easy for parents

Suitable for ages 7-10, ARpedia books are an exceptional addition to any classroom or homeschooling curriculum.

What's included in

Interactive Activities

Interact with Digital Content

User-Created Content

Personalize Your Story

 Experiential Learning

Make Learning Fun

Featured Content

A preview of our popular books in the package

Trouble at the Theater

It’s almost show time! Uh-Oh but the lion is still in search of his mane to finish the costume. Learn about the different locations and jobs at the performing arts center and also help him find his mane costume.

Fun at the Dairy Farm

Have you ever wondered where ice cream is from or how it is made? Take a short trip to the dairy farm to learn about the different parts of a dairy farm. Learn how to milk cows and make ice cream!

Just the Right Style

Learn to be a hair stylist with Lala, the famous stylist in town who knows exactly which style suits each person. Experience to transforms her customers’ hairstyles into magical creations!

Aquarium Adventure

Do you like sea creatures? Follow Willow on an adventure through the aquarium as she explores different sea creatures and jobs at the aquarium.

Read the Real World!

ARpedia extends your reading experience beyond the pages.

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