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The perfect combination of Learning and Entertainment. Stop reading books anymore, but help them play the book- the intriguing, exciting, and engaging way to explore the world.
Kids usually spend hours learning about dinosaurs, firefighters, and more.

Bring a science lab to your home with the AR Science Lab Series. You’ll find exciting and wonderful AR (augmented reality) activities about Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science on each page. By using the experiment markers included, you can do AR science experiments or find out interesting facts about science on your own!

  • PLAY THE BOOK! Kids genuinely love it- engaging & fun. 
  • What's In the Box: "AR Science Lab" Book series, Spotty(a camera-embedded smart tablet holder), interactive characters, coloring pages.
  • FREE ARpedia App for Apple and Android Devices, including tablets and phones. 

Since 1980, we think big... Indeed thinking 10 Years Ahead for Children's Education. ARpedia is a game changer, making learning experience fun and engaged. With ARpedia, yet we are opening up a new chapter for them, again.

Solution 01

Make science fun and easy

Let's discover the wonderous living world. On each page, you can explore exhilarating new ideas by using AR markers about animals, platns, and others!

Solution 02

Easy Setup

ARpedia digital content is designed to supplement book contents, providing additional information and interactive experiments for kids.

Solution 03

Engaging, Fun

Engage directly with the material through on-screen animations as well as interactive cards called paper markers. With these paper markers, kids can actively participate in experiments. Kids will achieve a deeper understanding of complex STEM topics through engaging exploration and fun first-hand interactions.

Make homeschooling or babysitting easy for parents

Suitable for ages 7-10, ARpedia books are an exceptional addition to any classroom or homeschooling curriculum.

What's included in

AR Science Experiments 1 Biology

Puff! We influence each other

AR Science Experiments 2 Chemistry

Pop! Making a Molecular

AR Science Experiments 3 Physics

Blink! Can Heat be Seen?

AR Science Experiments 4 Earth Science

Sweep! Excavating a Fossil

AR Science Experiments 5 Earth Science

Boom! Our Solar System

Featured Content

A preview of our popular books in the package

Animals and Plants

Explore fun facts about animals and plants! By using the markers you can see how different the cells of an animal and plants look like. Also you can put two animal markers together on the book and see what kind of relationship they have with each other!

The Earth

Learn the interesting facts about Earth, the place we live on. Try to find a dinosaur fossil that has been buried in the ground for a long, long time. Find out facts about soil, water and air, the natural resources that we cannot live without.

Properties of Matter

Learn about the properties of matter by AR experiments. You can make a molecule by using the element makers at your own AR laboratory. Learn about solids, liquids, and gases and much more about the properties of matter.

Forces And Energy

How does the plane take off or a spaceship lift off? It is all because of force! Find out how the forces and energy work in our world by using the AR experiment markers.

130+ interactive AR science experiments

Bring a science lab to your home with the AR Science Lab.

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