Discover a whole new way of reading with ARpedia

ARpedia consists of Spotty, books & paper markers.
Leave your tablet to Spotty and embark on a journey into the world of reading!


Turn Reading intoAdventure with Spotty

Spotty transforms ordinary surfaces of the paper books
into captivating learning canvases.

Paper Markers

Make Books Alivewith Paper Markers

Paper markers are more than just bookmarks.
They are special tools to trigger activities and
information that make learning more interesting
and engaging.


Develop StrongReading Skills withBest Book Collection

Book reading is a fundamental skill that serves
as a gateway to knowledge. Enjoy an unforgettable
tactile reading experience together with augmented
reality content.

So Quick and

Easy to set up

Anyone can enjoy ARpedia easily and conveniently.
This is how to make a book in letters come to alive.

Simply search “arpedia” and download
the app from App Store or Google Play

Place the tablet on Spotty
and Open the app

Place the book in front of Spotty
and check if the screen displays the book

Follow the instruction
from the app to start

Introducing 2 types of Spotty

Different sparties have different compatible tablets.
Check if it's compatible with your tablet!

Compatible Tablets

3GB and above

3GB and above

Tablet Screen Width
Within 18.5cm

Tablet Screen Width
Within 18.5cm

Android / iOS


Power & Cable

No Power, No Cable

Camera position

Camera position required
on front horizontal plane

Spotty Size

Horizontal: 10.5cm
Vertical: 22~31cm
Depth: 15.5cm
Head Horizontal: 7cm
Head Vertical: 8cm

Horizontal: 15cm
Vertical: 30~34cm
Depth: 11.5cm
Head Horizontal: 7cm
Head Vertical: 11cm