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ARpedia, which are already used in many countries around the world,
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World-Recognized education service ARpedia

ARpedia has been reborn as a world-recognized educational service with various awards

  • CES 2024 Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps

    Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps

  • CES 2023 Software & Apps

    Software & Apps

  • CES 2023 VR & AR

    VR & AR

  • CES 2022 Software & Apps

    Software & Apps

  • BETT 2022 kid's judge award

    Kid's pick

  • Teacher's choice award

    Teacher's Pick

  • Mom's choice award

    Mother's Pick

  • Reddot 2023 design award

    Design Award

ARpedia chosen by leading companies

ARpedia is already growing with leading companies

  • company lg
  • company disney
  • company wjtb
  • company studioA